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Core i7 6700K prices continue to rise

Over the last few years, the market for Intel’s Core i7 series of mainstream processors has seemed relatively stable in terms of price, with the 3770K, then 4770K and 4790K going for around the £250 mark in the UK at launch. However, with Skylake, things have changed quite a bit and …

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The Pebble Time smartwatch is now available in the UK

Pebble found success a couple of years ago after successfully crowd funding its smartwatch and it seems things have only gone up since then. Earlier this year, the company went for another round of crowd funding, this time in order to create its next smartwatch, the Pebble Time, which was funded …

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Does poor availability lead to piracy?

The Motion Picture Association of America recently released a statement claiming that complaining about availability with movies was ridiculous, as clearly there are many legal avenues to go down when it comes to buying and renting movies in your own home. However research suggests that most of the top-torrented films …

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Aria taking orders for world’s fastest graphics card

From the KitGuru Labs extensive testing, one thing about the Radeon HD 7990 was blindingly clear – it is the fastest card ever made. Now the dust has settled over the initial results, it’s time for those with huge pockets and a serious addiction to high-tech to begin the acquisitions …

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