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Asus drops the price on GTX680 by £90

As we move to a world where all of the nVidia graphics cards are in the GTX700 series, more and more deals on end of life stock are appearing on the web. KitGuru scans places for electronics buyers for details. 

When KitGuru had a look around 2GB Asus GTX680 Direct CU II last year, we were impressed.
One of the fastest cards ever produced and manufactured to a seriously high level.

This card was £443 at launch and, until recently, it was available from Scan and eBuyer for around £419.

Not today.

Following on from our earlier story about the GTX670 price drop to £199 at Overclockers, Asus has now followed suit with the GTX680 coming down by around £90. That's a significant drop, hard to ignore.

For KitGuru readers who had been thinking about a high end nVidia card, this series of price-cut announcements is good news. But if you work in the channel, holding stock as either a reseller or a distributor, then price cuts of this magnitude can make you nervous.

You can see the details from Scan and eBuyer by clicking on these screen grabs:-


KitGuru says: These deals have direct nVidia funding. We asked some AMD partners about Radeon price moves and were told, “We are selling everything we can make right now”. Confident talk – maybe they think the nVidia deals will be short lived. We reckon it could be the start of a serious price war with both sides keen to post solid Q3 numbers.

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