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CES: Riotoro showcases new and improved chassis

Following Computex 2017, Riotoro received a lot of good feedback when it came to the CR1288 PC case. Now at CES, the company is showing the new and improved version, which takes much of that feedback on board and makes improvements all over the place.

With a target price of around $200, Riotoro is aiming to capture the high-end system builder. The chassis is made of solid steel, a polymer face plate and aluminum feet. The new design incorporates a dedicated LED controller which is hooked up to the top of the case, a tempered glass window, larger fans and more.

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For those of you looking to add some more color to your rig, the case now comes with a cable that has RGB capability and a 12v pin, which can hook up to the RGB header on your motherboard and control the color of your whole system.

Other features include four 3.5-inch drive bays and an additional four 2.5-inch slots for SSDs. There are a pair of 140mm RGB fans at the front and a 120mm one at the rear. The top panel delivers two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 2.0 ports.

KitGuru Says: While catching up with Riotoro at CES yesterday, we heard that the company is planning to get more aggressive on design and pricing over the course of the year, so this is just the beginning. It will be interesting to see what else they roll out later in the year.

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  • Rocky40

    Interesting look but the whole time I see these case and others as well my first thought is where are my snipper’s to cut the lighting wires…lol I do find it funny so many people find any sort of fan noise distracting yet having a case & now even mouse pads,keyboards,mice & even chairs all lit up like Christmas tree’s does not distract them at all.

    When I got my case it had all the fans lit in in blue they did not change color they were just blue. I use the word were since they no longer have working LED lights on them (snip,snip) gone. Most would hate my case since it does not sparkle like pixy dust and has the sound of a real mans computer it growls when you push it to it’s max not silent like a tinker bell.

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