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NZXT shows off new Mini-ITX Manta case

Today NZXT lifted the curtain on its new Mini-ITX case, known as the Manta, promising a “revolutionary design” as well as unique curved panelling, lots of cable management space and room for a custom water cooling setup.

The Manta is the first case to feature curved, reinforced steel panels, which according to NZXT, allows for twice the amount of cable management space compared to regular flat side panels. The case also offers a high level of liquid cooling support, with room for two 280mm radiators in the front as well as one 120mm in the rear.


Other key features include rear I/O lighting, integrated PWM fan hub, SSD display and PSU shroud, all making for a premium feeling case designed to really show off your hardware.

The NZXT Manta will be available in Matte White/Black, Matte Black/Red, and Matte Black with or without a windowed side panel for £109.99 from Overclockers UK.

KitGuru Says: Mini-ITX has been getting increasingly popular over the last year. If this case from NZXT can really make for better cable management while also supporting custom water loops, I could see a lot of enthusiasts considering it. Are any of you planning a Mini-ITX gaming rig this year? What do you think of NZXT’s Manta? 

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  • Mini ITX is the way to go for compact gaming, but I wouldn’t know why people would want to buy this! This thing is massive for a Mini ITX rig. This is wider and almost the same size as my Fractal Design R5 case just a little shorter on the depth. Why not just build and water cool in that, you’ll have more room for more hardware? I recently just went Mini ITX with the NCase M1 – now that is a compact build with neat ways to water-cool.

  • Steven321123

    Might as well go Micro-ATX at this point. It’s only 6cm shorter than a Fractal Mini-Tower. I use a mini-tower that can do a 240mm radiator with 4 120s on a push-pull. Not to mention a mictro-atx board offers so much more expandability, and options.

  • Exactly that, this seems that NZXT missed the point on Mini ITX – Small Form Factor.

  • It’s almost as if people have a different taste in computer cases than you. Who would have thought.

  • Sorry, I guess I read the question that Kitguru was asking – here let me copy and paste it for you since you didn’t. “What do you think of NZXT’s Manta?” Keyword being “You”. So I gave my thoughts, and also understand that people have a difference in opinion. Sorry if answering a question with MY thoughts has offended you Mick.

  • Fizyx

    I actually like the aesthetic and design a lot, but when I was reading it the first time I missed the mini ITX part… Honestly, I’m about to be in the market for a full sized case, and just what I’ve seen here and on NZXT’s site, this case would have been on my shortlist right away… if it was full sized. I think it makes a lot of sense for a full sized build and like it a lot. But I agree, it feels super chunky for a mini ITX build. It honestly feel like a middle ground, compact but not super small. Which is fine, but not what I’m looking for if I’m going for a mini ITX build…

  • Soxism

    I agree. you might as well go MATX. for a mini-ITX this case is MASSIVE, and serious overkill.

    As a Modder, i could fit so much in the case its a joke, calling it a mini-ITX

  • Steven321123

    All in all it seems like a really nice case. If you spent the money you could build a really nice system. True for any rig. They have mini-ITX boards that can OC well and are full featured. If you can run any PSU or video card it gives you plenty of options. Not my thing, but to each their own.

  • KenChan

    Firstly I can’t wait for them to make an ATX version of this. Second I like that its bigger than most ITX cases as they tend to be too small so cooling becomes limited. This case you can have two rads one for you GPU and one for your CPU and you are a happy chappie.

  • Rarehero

    If NZXT makes an ATX-version of that case, it would probably be large enough to place it somewhere in London and rent it to students to live in. I’d probably buy it to park my bike inside it. I like the design and the features, but the dimensions are outright ridiculous for an ITX-case. The Manta is as large as the Source 340. A few centimeters more height and it could be an ATX-case without losing any of the features.

  • Mike

    a compact ATX version and I’m sold!

  • Matt Booth

    This looks great, but only if there are plenty of dust filters. I have the Corsair Obsidian 250D, which boasts water cooling support but my own Corsair H100i GTX barely fits (doesn’t for properly :/).

    I look forward to Leo doing a video review of this case.

  • Thomas

    why it doesn’t support MATX motherboards? that’s a ridiculous size for ITX system.
    if they ever release a MATX version, I’ll buy it day one, I don’t give a sh!t about the limited and awful ITX motherboards, MATX is the best way to go for a compact gaming system, period.

  • IO Guru

    if it was a microATX case, it will top my buying list.
    too bad it doesn’t support microATX motherboards for its size.

  • Mr Ink 5000

    I wasn’t even looking for a new case, but if this came in ATX, I’d be so tempted.

    I’m sure there’ll be a larger version along at some point.