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Silverstone TJ12 spotted @ Computex

Kitguru are over at humid Computex and there are plenty of very attractive products on display.

Hand assembled only days before Computex 2011, the TJ12 is at least 12 months away from production – but is already attracting serious attention

The case itself is a whopping 78cm deep…  And YES, we measured it ourselves – just to be certain

Production, when it finally begins, is unlikely to increase past 10 units a day – so if you’re interested – you’ll need to think about queueing early …

KitGuru says: Got sli?

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  • Brian

    looks great. when is it being released?

  • Hakuren

    Case is still in development. Watch short clip at TweakTown. Tony from Silverstone explaining few things.

    Well I will consider it. Frankly I fallen in love when I first noticed it. All depends how many HDDs and 5.25″ (for RAID backplanes) slots there are. At this stage nobody knows, even like Tony said, Silverstone themselves. Don’t need 10 VGAs inside, but 20+ HDDs single or via backplanes will do nicely. LOL