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Aerocool Mechatron Ultimate Gaming Series Chassis Review

The Aerocool Mechatron is an interesting looking case, which offers a wide array of features for a mid-tower chassis. It has clearly been manufactured in the same factory as the BitFenix Ghost chassis as the main elements of the chassis are identical. There are however several key differences between the two designs.

The Aerocool Mechatron has much more potential for cooling as 8 x 120 mm fans could be fitted, compared to the BitFenix Ghost which is only able to fit 6.

The front, sides and top of the chassis also allow for more airflow to enter/exit the case due to the grill design. In contrast, the BitFenix Ghost suffers from more restricted airflow, but does boast superior sound suppression thanks to the BitFenix Serenitek Silencing Material on the sides and front of the chassis.

The design of the Aerocool Mechatron does make it stand out from the crowd and the company offer white and blue variations. The front and top of the chassis feature some chunky bezels which give it a bit of a character, and also add to the functionality of the case. There is space for a 200 mm fan, and for fitting USB 3.0 and Power and Reset Switches.

We do like that Aerocool have opted for a bold and eye catching design, but if you like a more subdued design then the Mechatron Ultimate will not appeal.

In terms of overall noise characteristics, the Aerocool performs reasonably well, especially when you compare it to other mid-tower chassis. For instance it is on par with the CM Storm Scout II as both emit around 35 dB. That said, the BitFenix Ghost Chassis is significantly quieter than both of these cases.

The thermal performance is a different story with the Aerocool Mechatron chassis producing more airflow than the CM Storm Scout II and BitFenix Ghost. We were certainly impressed that the hard drive temperature only rose by 2 degrees under full system load and the processor peaked at 55 degrees.

Overall we are impressed with the design, quality and performance of the Aerocool Mechatron. Overall however I would opt for the BitFenix Ghost which is closely matched in thermal performance, but it almost silent under normal operating conditions.

The price is £78.01 from Amazon.co.uk which is pretty much as we expected, although the BitFenix Ghost costs less at £74.99. While the BitFenix Ghost has the edge, the Aerocool Mechatron Ultimate is a good buy and will certainly appeal to a wide audience of gamers.


  • Good thermal performance.
  • Can accommodate 3 x 200 mm fans.
  • Caters for both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives.
  • Well built, and interesting design.


  • BitFenix Ghost is cheaper and quieter.
  • Limited space behind motherboard tray.

Kitguru says: Another good case from Aerocool although it faces stiff competition at this price.

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Rating: 8.0.

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