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BitFenix Ghost Chassis Review

We installed the Seasonic Platinum Rated 1000W Fully Modular power supply first.

We then installed the motherboard with cooler preinstalled. There is plenty of space around the motherboard which makes the build phase easier.

BitFenix have included 3 x 2.5″ trays. It is just a case of clipping a solid state drive into them by flexing the one side of the tray so the pins can lock into each side in turn of the SSD.

You can then just slide the trays into the 2.5″ bays until they lock into place

To install 3.5″ drives it is just as simple.

We like how simple it is to install both 3.5″ HDD’s and 2.5″ SSD’s into this chassis, and as we mentioned earlier if you aren’t going to use the 2.5″ bays you can convert them into more 3.5″ bays.

Next is the graphics card, in this case a XFX Radeon 5450HD. There is clearly plenty of space for the larger high-end graphics cards.

Finally we connect everything together. This was relatively easy in this chassis, although it is a bit fiddly to fit the cable-management grommets. We would also prefer an extra few mm behind the motherboard tray as we struggled to route our large 24-pin power cable exactly where we wanted to.

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  • Xtreme

    I think its actually one of their nicer looking cases. some of them are very gaudy

  • Leo

    They are getting better, not quite in the same league as say cooler master yet, but moving up the ranks.

  • Drivechain01

    This seems a lot like a copy of the Fractal Design Define series – simplicity/minimalist design with a goal of reducing noise. Unlike the Fractal Design cases this does not feature brushed aluminium, but rather the bland, flat, square style typical of bitFenix cases.

  • RadRAW

    How on earth You’ve been able to measure 27,8 decibels while testing Antec’s 302 case, and been unable to do the same thing while testing Ghost chassis? 🙂