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BitFenix Ghost Chassis Review

The BitFenix Ghost is marketed as a quiet gaming case featuring the companies latest technology. This technology includes BitFenix Serenitek Silencing Material, BitFenix NanoChrome Surface Treatment, and BitFenix ‘Whisper-quiet’ Spectre fans.

Normally we would say these ‘buzz words’ are merely a marketing ploy to make practical features sound more scientific and impressive. While every company does this to a certain extent BitFenix can stand proud behind this design. For the mid range sector the BitFenix Ghost is an excellent product targeting a wide audience of users.

The BitFenix Ghost is a mid-tower chassis that crams a lot into the physical space. We particularly like that you can install a 240mm watercooling radiator into the top of the chassis further enhancing the practicality by  reducing noise further. We also enjoyed the simplistic nature of features, the Dual-Hinge door design, the Hot-Swap drive bay and how all the filters can be removed with a nice smooth release system.

In terms of thermal performance the Ghost is at least on par with several of the best mid-tower chassis. It managed to maintain a temperature of just 56 degrees with an overclocked AMD X4 phenom 965 @ 4.0 GHz . The small increase in HDD temperatures also highlight good airflow through the chassis.

While the thermal performance of this chassis is good, the acoustical performance is better. Bitfenix say on their website: “The most dangerous opponent is the one you can’t hear.” We certainly can’t argue with that, and the BitFenix Ghost is nearly inaudible. It was so quiet our sound level meter would not register any output from the chassis at a distance of 1 meter.

The design of the BitFenix Ghost Chassis is certainly functional, but at the same time, I quite like the sleek black look as it looks both serious and professional. It also fits into most environments, whether for work, for the kids, or for that new entertainment/gaming room. If you are however looking for a brightly coloured case to show off your colour coordinated components then there are better options available.

The BitFenix Ghost retails at £74.99 from Overclockers.co.uk which offers great value for money. If you are in the market for a new, low noise chassis, then this is certainly worth considering.


  • Whisper quiet.
  • Dual-hinge door design.
  • Hot-Swap Bay.
  • Can accomodate a 240mm radiator.
  • Lots of other great features.


  • Limited space behind motherboard tray.

Kitguru says: Another impressive case from BitFenix, this time a quiet one!

Rating: 9.0.

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  • Xtreme

    I think its actually one of their nicer looking cases. some of them are very gaudy

  • Leo

    They are getting better, not quite in the same league as say cooler master yet, but moving up the ranks.

  • Drivechain01

    This seems a lot like a copy of the Fractal Design Define series – simplicity/minimalist design with a goal of reducing noise. Unlike the Fractal Design cases this does not feature brushed aluminium, but rather the bland, flat, square style typical of bitFenix cases.

  • RadRAW

    How on earth You’ve been able to measure 27,8 decibels while testing Antec’s 302 case, and been unable to do the same thing while testing Ghost chassis? 🙂