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BitFenix Merc Alpha Chassis Review

Taking the side off reveals yet another space for a fan, which is on the bottom of the case, the other mesh section being for the power supply intake. The fan on the bottom really could help improve airflow into the system as it will produce a channel of air going up through the case and straight out the top while passing over the most crucial components.

Looking closer at the front we can see there are 3 x 5.25″ bays and 7 x 3.5″ bays as well as a bottom mounted 2.5″ bay. We can also see that there are several large cut outs for cable routing.

At the back of the case we have a 120mm fan and 7 PCI slots. Removing the other panel we can see that the 3.5″ bays are not quite so elegant in appearance from this side, but there are plenty of cut outs and space for keeping the cables tidy.

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