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CM Storm Stryker Chassis Review

Our sample was unfortunately damaged slightly in transit (the front panels are dented and slightly broken), however we can see that it is a rather bright white. The right-hand side of the case feature two intake/exhaust grills depending on your configuration of fans.

On the left-hand side of the case we have a large window, much like the Storm Trooper Window version, as well as two fan grills towards the front. The top of the case has been raised to incorporate a carrying handle and this also improves the airflow out of the top of the case.

The CM Storm Stryker has a fan controller, with two buttons to adjust speed up/down,  and two pairs of USB ports (USB 3 and USB 2). There is also the option to turn the fan lights on or off, as well as the standard Power and Reset buttons.

The back of the case shows us the watercooling support that this case offers, as well as the large expansion possibilities with 9 expansion slots. The company include a large 140mm fan in the rear exhaust position.

The top of the case is very attractively designed and has plenty of airflow potential due to the venting positions.

The bottom of the case features several dust filters as well as four chunky feet to keep the case stable and to reduce vibrations.

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  1. fabulous looking case ! i love the original design. not sure im so into the white colour myself.

  2. white im not a fan off. looks nice, but hte original design appeals to me more. bit expensive too when compared to some other cases now.