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Lian-Li PC-B12 Aluminium Chassis Review

The chassis has a simple but functional appearance and is only available in black. You either love the simple ‘Lian Li’ styling, or hate it.

Unlike most newly-released chassis’, this Lian-Li PC-B12 doesn’t feature any side mountings for fans but instead should offer improved acoustical performance.

On top of the Chassis are the I/O ports, although they are hidden behind a small flap. These include 2 x USB 3.0 ports, a microphone socket and a headphone socket.

Lian-Li keep the branding simple with only their name at the bottom of the chassis.

The back of the chassis has a metallic look and features 8 x PCI slots, as well as a 120mm exhaust fan, and two watercooling holes.

As we mentioned on the packaging and bundle page, Lian-Li also include a rear vent which is easy to install and will help to direct heat out and away from the chassis.

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