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Lian-Li PC-B12 Aluminium Chassis Review

We installed a Seasonic Platinum Rated 1000W Fully Modular power supply.

To install a 3.5″ drive we had to first screw 4 thumbscrews into the hard drives – with anti-vibration silica gel rings. Then it is just a case of sliding the drive into the bay. When you have installed all your 3.5″ drives, you have to then slide the locking gate down into place and tighten.

Installing 2.5″ drives is a similar affair but uses different screws and anti-vibration rings. Only one 2.5″ drive can be installed on top of the HDD cage, which is a tad limiting.

We then installed a Motherboard a CPU with an Akasa Venom Voodoo CPU Cooler. There is lots of space around the motherboard.

We then installed an XFX Radeon graphics card. There is clearly plenty of space for larger, high-end graphics cards.

Finally we connected everything up. Unfortunately, and much to our surprise, we were not able to route our 8-pin CPU power cable behind the motherboard tray as it would not fit through the routing hole given the space to the back of the chassis (even without the sides on). Sadly it is also a little difficult to route cables out of sight.

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