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Thermaltake Level 10 GT Battle Edition Chassis Review

Inside is the 200mm intake fan, which has an interesting shutter design in front to adjust the direction of airflow from the fan.

On the left we have the shutters in their ‘normal position’ blowing air to the bottom of the chassis. On the right the shutters have been lifted to the horizontal position, allowing the air to flow straight at the motherboard.


Looking inside the case itself we can see it is supplied with a 140mm fan at the rear.

The power supply is mounted in the bottom of the chassis, but there is also space for an extra 120mm fan.

The door can be taken off its hinges quite easily, by opening to 90 degrees and then pulling up vertically. Cleverly there are no cable connections to the side fan from the case, instead there are 3 pins next to the hinge which only make a connection when the door is shut.

The 3.5″ bays can be released by pressing a button on the front and then sliding out.

The trays have a very straightforward design and can accommodate both 3.5″ and 2.5″ drives. They also have a flap at the front allowing hot-swapping of drives.

The other side of the case features very good cable routing options. The initial set-up is also extremely tidy and Thermaltake have really thought about how to get cables from one end of the case to the other.

One of the other simple but brilliant features is the inclusion of a 5-way power splitter for SATA drives, which means you only need 1 SATA power cable to provide power to all of your hard drives. This certainly reduces the number of cables quite significantly.

The top of the chassis holds the 5.25″ bays, and these have one of the simplest tool-less locking mechanism’s that I have seen.

Removing the front of the chassis we can see another large 200mm fan, as well as the I/O ports on the side. It’s a shame these large fans are all out of sight as they look good in their own right.

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