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NZXT Beta EVO Case Review

To get our build started we have to install the appropriate motherboard standoffs to match the type and size of the board used in our build.  After somewhat of a struggle aligning the motherboard properly we were successful in installing our Asus motherboard.

The only reason we can think of for this issue would be the fact that the chassis is constructed of thin metal. If not handled with care it could easily twist ever so slightly causing things to not align properly. We have also decided to include the CoolIT ECO in this build to help keep CPU temperatures nice and low as the Beta EVO only comes with 1 front 120mm intake fan.

This will also allow users thinking about liquid cooling their CPU to see what type of space they have to play with if using the Beta EVO in their system build.

When it’s time to install our hard drive all that is required is attaching a rail on either side of our drive and then slide the drive into the drive cage without the need for any tools.

Optical drive installations are also a tool free procedure. We just pop out the bay cover, slide the Optical drive in place and the secure it’s position with the locking mechanism as pictured below.

The next 2 images show our components installed inside the Beta EVO as well as the finished appearance once the side panels were put back in place. So let’s get to the good stuff and run a couple of tests to see what the temperatures are like inside the Beta EVO.

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