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NZXT Beta EVO Case Review

After spending time with the NZXT Beta EVO we are left with mixed feelings.  For the asking price of $70 you get yourself a reasonable chassis.  The Beta EVO has potential but only teases you by supplying only 1 fan when there is the option to have 6.

It’s a nice looking case for the price point but the metal used in the main structure could be easily bent if not handled with care. The bonus is that because of their material choice the Beta EVO is very light weight if you have to transport your system.

Cable routing potential is there for those that like to take the time to really fuss with the interior. Could the case have been better constructed? Yes at a higher cost.  Could NZXT have provided a full compliment of fans? Yes but once again at a higher cost.

We at KitGuru would consider 3 fans to be quite reasonable using 1 for front intake, 1 rear exhaust and 1 top exhaust.  If those thoughts were added we could rate this chassis higher but even as it ships we think it is worthy of our “Worth Buying” award.

UPDATE: We have been informed that the case is $60 through NZXT directly and as low as $45 if you order via Tiger Direct. We have raised our score to 8/10 based on this extremely low pricing.

KitGuru says: We feel that adding 2 additional fans and a slightly more sturdy structure could have made this a “Must Have” product while maybe tacking $30 on to the original asking price.

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Rating: 8.0.

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