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NZXT Beta EVO Case Review

Now we are moving on to examine the interior layout of the Beta EVO chassis from NZXT.  After removing the side panel we are greeted by a flat black painted interior. This has become a very common choice of colour for a large percentage of new cases, and at KitGuru we like it as it really helps to clean up the look of things inside the case.

The front panel is easily removed and shows us the wiring that goes to the power and reset buttons and the foam dust filter used.  Once the panel is removed we can see a 3.5” bay that could be used if we decided to place a floppy drive in our build. An SSD drive would also easily fit in this space if desired.  Below that is the only fan included in the Beta EVO out of the box.  They use a fan that is 120mm in size and includes a blue LED.

The next 2 images below take a look at how the internal drive bays are configured.  The hard drive bays are turned to face us to increase the ease of installing our drives. This layout can also help with keeping our SATA cable clutter hidden by routing them through the pre drilled holes in the hard drive cage. We can install up to 4 hard drives in the cage and 4 x 5.25” devices in the upper drive bays.

The image below gives us a close up look at where the PSU sits in the Beta EVO. As mentioned it is a bottom mounted design.  There are 4 small rubber support posts that help to reduce vibrations from the PSU as well as provide additional clearance for air intake. We can also see the removable dust filter and the 4 screws that hold it in place.

The final 3 images below are the hardware to mount our components and the connection cables for our Power, Reset, Hard Drive LED, front USB, Audio and E-SATA ports. This completes our look at the internals of the Beta EVO so it’s time to move forward and start our system build.

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