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Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Case Review

Sentey's Arvina GS-6400 relies on a single 120mm front mounted intake fan and 2 x 80mm side mounted intake fans to draw fresh air into the chassis. The front fan draws air in and over the hard drives while the 2 side mounted fans direct air toward the graphics card. Once inside there are 3 additional fans; 1 x120mm rear mounted and 2 x 120mm top mounted to direct  all the hot air out the top and rear of our chassis.

Temperatures remained very good throughout today's testing. Time to overclock both the CPU and GFX to see how the chassis will cope with added voltage and component temperatures.

Overclocking our rig did cause temperatures to rise as expected, but the cooling is clearly very capable.  We feel that Sentey have achieved good results with the GS-6400. There is also the option of adding an additional fan, either a 120mm or 140mm to the bottom panel which would lower ambient temperatures.

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