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Sentey Arvina GS-6400 Case Review

After removing the side panel our first glimpse reveals a beautiful design that is very eye catching indeed.  As with many case designs today the interior is black but Sentey have used red accents throughout the internals to spice things up a bit.

This image shows the inside of the Arvina GS-6400 with the detachable dual fans in the fully retracted position.  Sentey used  only 80mm fans for this location which immediately caused raised eyebrows in the offices.  They have cut out the area behind the CPU location to assist with the installation of coolers that require a back plate as well as the other cutouts to help with cable routing.  We will look into these features in greater detail during our build stage.

Installing hard drives in the GS-6400 should be a breeze. The first image above shows the drive caddy partially removed. We can remove the entire caddy or each drive tray individually. The back side of the drive caddy is where all the cables are attached and Sentey have cut out this area to make access as simple as possible.

It’s the small things such as this that make a clean system build a reality even for folks like myself who have little patience with cable routing.

Above we have a view of the 3x 120mm Blue LED exhaust fans. There is one rear mounted fan and 2 mounted on the top of the chassis; so with the additional 120mm front intake and the 2x 80mm side intake fans Sentey’s cooling solution should be more then adequate. Located just below the rear exhaust fan we have 7 tool free expansion bays for the cards we use during our system build.

Finally we have the bottom mounting area for our PSU which is well ventilated and protected from dust by a fine mesh screen.  We will be using a fully modular SilverStone 850w PSU in our system build that will draw the necessary cool air in from below.

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