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MSI P67 and H67 1155 motherboard info and pictures leak to KitGuru

We have contacts and moles in all corners of the globe and earlier today we managed to get our hands on information and pictures of the upcoming range of MSI motherboards.

At Kitguru we love the MSI build quality and have reviewed many of their motherboards and graphics cards in the past. They don’t cut any corners and their products generally overclock to the highest levels – the upcoming range looks brilliant.








KitGuru says: Drooling yet? This looks to be a very strong range of product from MSI and we will report back when we have more information.

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  • Tim

    MSI motherboards are the real deal. always rated them, but in the last year they have really stepped up their game. think they are as good now as asus.

  • Frank

    another slot, 1155. awesome 🙁 Thanks Intel, love when this happens

  • Sam

    Lol, yeah 1155. Just bought 1156. wonder if we can knock a pin off, to get them to fit in the mobos :p

  • Colin

    Any release date information or pricing? or am I just wasting my time asking? this year? december? any info at all carl?

  • Garry

    P67A-GD65 looks brilliant. might be my next board.