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Sentey GS-6000 II Optimus Mid Tower Review

When preparing to build a system in a new chassis, the first thing I like to do is install a full size ATX motherboard to determine how much space will be available to work with cables and such. The photo above shows us that the GS 6000 II Optimus has some room around the components for the installation phase.

We installed our power supply with the fan facing downward so that it can take advantage of the ventilated area below to draw in cool air from outside the chassis.

Our next step is to install the GPU. The GS 6000 II Optimus supports graphics cards up to 270mm long.  Some of the largest graphics cards will not fit in this case.

Above: The Radeon 6950 is one of the longer cards and it just fits inside the GS 6000 II Optimus with perhaps a mm or two to spare.

Sentey uses a tool free design to secure any add on cards.  The clips are made of sturdy red plastic and they make securing cards a simple task.  For those of you that are concerned about the weight of large graphics cards; we need to release the retention clip so we can use of a thumb screw to secure the card.

When it comes to cable management the GS 6000 II Optimus is too narrow to allow any of the thick power supply cables to be hidden behind the motherboard tray.  We can still hide SATA and other flat power cables, but it is not ideal.

The last photo shows the finished system build. Even with the limited amount of  cable management options available, the end result is not that bad.

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