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Enermax LuxuRay ATX Midi Tower Review

The PSU is mounted at the bottom of the LuxuRay, this is slightly raised to stop vibrations against the outer wall, as this is a relatively thin chassis, this is a good principle to utilise.

Installing the motherboard involves a traditional fitting method that everyone will be used to. In the case of the build on this page (using the Corsair H70 cooler) we had to remove the rear 120mm fan. Although Corsair recommend that the fans are set to intake we prefer the traditional methodology of expelling heat out the rear of the case.

No point throwing away a perfectly good quality 120mm fan, so we fitted it to the side panel as an intake. Sadly, while the top chassis position has a dust filter installed, the side panel includes none.

The LuxuRay has a 90 degree rotated HDD cage which eases the installation of hard drives. There is also an area below the cage to install a 2.5″ SSD drive. In the image above we used a 3.5″ tray to install into the standard location.

At KitGuru we no longer use optical drives for testing as we prefer to install the operating system via a USB flash drive. The top section however is straightforward to use and anyone who has built a system before will not experience any issues fitting an optical drive.

Enermax are keen to point out that this chassis can take graphics cards up to 310mm in length, which would include the AMD HD5970. Our biggest card is a Artic Cooling Xtreme based HD5870 which is around 310-312mm in length. As you can see it is impossible to fit by simply sliding into position due to the bottom rack width, but it is possible to rotate and fit into the first (top) slot only. It is a tight fit however and not an ideal case for this size of graphics solution.

We opted for a more modest HD6850 reference card for our system build and there were no fitting issues at all.

One of the main talking points with the LuxuRay is the Vegas Light show option built into the front panel/fan design. We had a look at the EnermaxVegas fans before if you want to read more.

The video below shows the front panel of the LuxuRay with audible ‘clicks’ as we press the front FAN button to rotate between the various modes.

Sure, the flashing LED lights won’t be everyone’s first choice, but some of the static based options are appealing.

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