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Enermax LuxuRay ATX Midi Tower Review

Rating: 8.5.

We have seen many high quality chassis being released this year from various manufacturers, and while it is fun to concentrate on luxury high end products like the Thermaltake Level 10, not many people will be willing to part with £550, just for a case.

Enermax, better known for their power supply and fan designs have just released a new, budget oriented Midi Tower case called the ‘LuxuRay” which is said to deliver fantastic aesthetic appeal while costing 1/10th the price of the Level 10.

One of the main talking points with this specific chassis is the Vegas Light show, but we will look at this later in the review.

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  • Eric

    Wow, this is really pretty for such a low price. the fans add about 15 quid to the value, or more. dont often get two fans on a case this size. how does it compare to the thermaltake armor A60?

  • Tech Head

    When did they start making cases? first ive heard of it. This looks not bad. I like the fan idea at the front. cant see too many of the Kitguru audience finding it a selling point, but their fans are excellent, on a noise and CFM level anyway.

  • John

    I like the way you mix up the reviews here with top end and budget models. Really makes it useful for us peasants who cant afford the wicked tech.

    I like the look of this, shall check it out based on this review. If we ever get it near here.

  • Kal

    Everyone seems to just be trying everything lately ! corsair used to be memory, now they do PSU’s, SSDs, Cases. Enermax used to be power supplies, then fans, now cases. Same with OCZ.

    Not knocking it, and I suppose it is needed to remain profitable in todays climate, it just seems so confusing that all makers are in so many areas.

    I wouldnt buy this case, I dont like lighted fans, and while you can turn it off, I think I would spend a little more for something with better materials.

  • Rupert Everett

    Ideal for my 14 year old son. thanks for the review, never knew they made cases. any idea of a release date?

  • It should be available in most locations, very soon. if not already.

  • Raymond

    The video is helpful as the images dont do the fan justice. I like the red LED strip colors. looks great. seems to be a well designed product. What the hell is that graphics card cooler you used !? thats massive, must be two inches bigger than the PCB under it.!

  • Tim

    That is a rather cool budget case, have to say.

  • Chandler

    This case is very good. Purchased it last week. Everything fits and the material is very nice and glossy. Love the free fans and the removable dust protectors. Fans can even pop out for cleaning.Case is not too flashy, was done just right by Enermax.

    I have the Enermax VOLCANUS as well. Perfect for my son who likes to play games.