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Enermax LuxuRay ATX Midi Tower Review

Enermax have been releasing quality power supplies and fans for a very long time now and this venture into the budget chassis sector is shaping up to be a positive experience for their customer base. The LuxuRay build quality is high and the front panel offers a strong portfolio of connectivity.

We really like that Enermax have spent a lot of time incorporating their Vegas fan into the front panel. The material they are using gives it an almost transparent feeling when viewed, as if there is actually no material in front of it at all. Both supplied fans are high quality and a welcome inclusion on a budget model. Not everyone is going to enjoy the rotating LED colours on a daily basis, but some of the static modes are pleasant and you can always turn the lighting off if it becomes annoying at night. This level of fine control is welcomed and the user base will certainly appreciate it.

At £55 inc vat, there are always going to be compromises made and the most obvious to us is that the material is rather thin. We wouldn’t say it was going to be easily damaged over time, but care would need to be taken to ensure it remained in perfect condition.

Our previous budget case of choice was the Silverstone Precision SST-PS05 which retails for around £40 inc vat, slightly less than the Enermax LuxuRay. When you factor in the lighting system, superior front panel and dual 120mm fan configuration they become much harder to seperate with regards to value for money.

If you are working to an extremely tight budget then the Silverstone Precision SST PS05 is a fantastic option, but if you can spend £15 more, then the LuxuRay is the stronger design.

KitGuru says: The Enermax LuxuRay is a daring, quality chassis which should dominate the budget marketplace.

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Rating: 8.5.

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