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KGTV: In-Win showcase H-Tower case

Our reporter Leo Waldock was over at Computex last week, and while we work through some of the video content he acquired, we thought we would start off with a BANG – some video footage of the mega costly In-Win H Tower case.

We would consider this tower a work of art and it is controlled by a tablet app. In-Win are looking to cement their standing in the high end with the H-Tower.

Watch via our VIMEO CHANNEL (below) or over on YouTube HERE

H Tower  P4960609H Tower P4960592H Tower P4960594H Tower P4960597
H Tower P4960599H Tower P4960601H Tower P4960603H Tower P4960606

You can change the lighting or make the case open up and close again like a Transformers robot. The price is going to be out of reach for all but the richest of enthusiast user, but we can imagine some people will love to have this case in their house just to show off, in front of friends.

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Kitguru says: As it stands the In-Win H-Tower is impressive, but in the hands of some skilled modders, the sky is the limit.

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