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Lian Li PC-8FIB Aluminum Midi Tower Case Review

After removing the first two thumbscrews we see the highly reflective aluminum interior, which is a sight to behold. It has been a while since I have seen the insides of a Lian Li chassis, what a finish! There is also a box which contains all the necessary screws and connectors to create your final system build.

At the bottom is an angled aluminum air duct system which allows the power supply to suck in cold air from below the case. The power supply also rests on rubberised cushions to prevent vibrations when turned on.

The front drive rack mount area, which rests directly in front of the filtered 2 x 120mm 1,200 Lian Li branded intake fans.

The top of the inside of the (extremely reflective) chassis. The two USB 3.0 capable cables connect to the front header area. Another 1x 120mm 1,200 rpm fan at the rear which acts as an exhaust. Above there is a removable section to fit a 140mm fan. Sadly this does not arrive populated, but we will be fitting a high quality Enermax Apollish Vegas fan to enhance the cooling prowess of the chassis.

The PCI mounting system is one of the most intricate I have seen, it is completely tool-less and unlike many, actually works. More on this later.

The top section is home to the optical drive bay installation. We rarely install optical drives at KitGuru, prefering to rely on a combination of high speed Corsair Survivor USB drive for OS installation and external Asus branded USB 2.0 Bluray drive for media.

A slightly wider angled shot of the beautifully designed front rack area inside the chassis. You will notice there are plenty of routing holes cut into the chassis for a neat and tidy system build.

Removing the other two thumbscrews we are able to peel away the right hand side panel. We can see a huge area cut into the chassis for ease of use when working with rear backplate mounted motherboard coolers. There are 4 main routing holes in this primary area and the underside PSU section is clean cut to allow easy routing for all cables. The front two fans are molex powered and can be also routed behind the system build.

The chassis seen from both angles with the side panels removed. One thing is for sure, we cannot question Lian Li’s engineering standards, there is not a single sharp or unfinished section.

The front panel can be removed to get at the fans for cleaning. You don’t need to remove screws or fiddle with a rubbish plastic mount system. You simply, TUG and pull.

The front removes extremely smoothly to reveal the fans and drive bays underneath.

The two 120mm dust filtered fans seen underneath the primary drive bay area.

The filters are attached with a simple locking mechanism, which is again tool-less. Push on the clips and pull out to remove.

Both filters can then be cleaned and replaced, literally within a few minutes.

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