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Lian-Li PC-X2000F Chassis Review

Rating: 9.5.

If you are in the market for a new, high end aluminum chassis, then today’s review may very well just tickle the taste buds. Lian Li have a well earned reputation for producing some of the most exquisite designs on the market and today we are looking at their high end X2000 gaming case.

Lian Li were founded in 1983 and they are one of the most respected manufacturers of aluminum PC chassis in Taiwan. They have earned ISO 9001 certification for their product range and they offer a two year warranty with many of their product range.

Lian Li place considerable emphasis on research and development and there is no doubt that their engineering standards are the highest on the market. The X2000F is hand crafted … yes this isn’t a factory run case. Each of them are hand built to the demanding specifications of the company.

X2000F Specifications:

Model PC-X2000F
Case Type Full Tower Chassis
Unit Dimensions (W) 240mm x (H) 695mm x (D) 442mm
Front bezel Material Aluminum
Color Black
Side Panel Aluminum
Body Material Aluminum
Net Weight 11.7KG
5.25″ drive bay (External) 4(C-02 x2)
3.5″ drive bay (External) 1(use one 5.25-inch to 3.5-inch converter)
3.5″ drive bay (Internal) 7(SAS Hot Swap)
Expansion Slot 8
Motherboard E-ATX / ATX / Mirco-ATX
System Fan (Front) 140mm Fan x 3
System Fan (Top) None
System Fan (Rear) 140mm Fan x 2
I/O Ports USB3.0 x 4 / e-SATA x 1 / HD Audio
Maximum Video Card Size 340mm
Package Dimensions (W) 302mm x (H) 768mm x (D) 524mm
Gross Weight KG

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  • bill

    Only £360 ? ill have 2 please.

    Seriously though, thats beautiful work, I think anyone can appreciate it, even if they cant afford it.

  • Optirc

    wow, that really is stunning. didnt even know you could buy a case tat that price, apart from the Level 10 from thermaltake, its a lot of dosh

  • Gadix

    I almost bought this months ago, but then I had a car accident and ended up putting the money into my car. I need to get this soon for my new sandybridge system

  • Harrison

    I never used to like their cases, until recently. I think the saturation of glowing lights and stupid modded panels has made me appreciate their simple, yet quite spectacular design.

    reminds me of apple, but not in a vomit inducing way. id buy one of these.

  • Vaggers

    I need knee pads and an engraving machine so I can burn the image of a living god in the side panel and kneel before it.

  • faith

    “Burn the image of a living god” – Love it!

  • Joe

    This is pure sex

  • Kalak

    It’d like the bitfenix collosus but not made by a blind dog

  • Paul

    I never knew they hand made some cases, that is very cool, didn’t think anyone did that anymore

  • Luay

    Lian Li PC-X2000F rates as one of the top three, then what are the other two?

    For that price the Silverstone TJ11 should be a contender.

  • gtx

    Prefer 2 buy CM Cosmos II