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ADATA 8GB 2000 XPG DDR3 Memory Review Version 2.0 (AX3U2000GC4G9B-DG2)

Rating: 9.0.

Sandybridge systems are selling well, and many memory manufacturers are offering dual channel kits to capitalise on the growing market. Opting for a 4GB kit is certainly the cheapest option but with memory prices at an all time low is it worth looking at one of the higher density options for additional future proofing down the line?

ADATA sent us their latest V2 8GB kit which runs at 2,000mhz and will be priced competitively when it reaches the United Kingdom next month at only £140. Is this a cost effective, performance related choice you should be contemplating for a system upgrade?

The ADATA XPG 8GB Gaming memory we received for review operates at 2000mhz with 9-11-9-27 timings and a supported voltage rating between 1.55-1.75.

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  1. 140 quid for 8GB of 2000mhz memory? damn thats really good.

  2. Good deal for the price. memory prices are really low right now, cant stay this way forever. wonder if the japan disaster will make them go up soon.

  3. Very good all round purchase, not sure I would buy from ADATA however, never heard of them 🙂

  4. biggest problem I have is what about ADATA uk warranty? they are one of the many far eastern makes I know very little about. last time I ended up with patriot memory it took a dump and no one helped me replace it. so I ended up out money with a dead product. ill stick with one of the big UK names for suppotr im afraid. I can find no warranty terms about ADATA online for UK.

  5. Oh my! This thing amazing!!