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Stunning queue for Apple iPad 2 – Brent Cross

In practical/scientific terms, the difference from iPad 1 to iPad 2 is minimal. So why the huge desire to own the new one and get rid of the old one as soon as you can? KitGuru spies sent in some pictures last night that made us do a double, then triple take. Here they are.

Brent Cross is one of the oldest of the new shopping malls in the UK. It’s several football pitches long and the only queues it ever sees are a handful of grannies waiting for toasted bagels. You get the picture.

At 5pm yesterday, the iPad 2 went on sale in the Brent Cross Apple store. There was also stock at John Lewis and in the mini PC World located inside  the shopping centre itself.

What did the queue look like an hour and a half later?

Try these – starting at one end of the centre, near Fenwick’s (green store sign in the distance).

At the end of this line was an Apple man saying "Please don't queue"
Rounding the first main atrium, the queue prepares to turn sharp right
Crossing the main shopping centre, these people still cast anxious gazes forward
If I stand here long enough, I will get an iPad 2 and people will know I am different. Better.
We've been walking backwards for a long time now - but there's still no end to the queue
"I can be different, I can be different, I can be better, I can be better" - keep telling yourself son
Finally, the end of the queue. From this distance, there's a guy at the door holding something - but what?


Worst job of the day has to go to this poor chap. Faced with a queue of hundreds and hundreds of people who want to become better, to realise their dreams and achieve true individuality – what has Steve Jobs asked him to hold?

Funny thing was - no one did. They all knew that it would make them better people and did not need to ask


John Lewis

The nice young lady running the technology section of John Lewis (PC Retail’s Technology Retailer of the Year – apparently), said that she had stock in store and online. But that the entire company’s iPads had been depleted in less than 10 minutes.

PC World

Inside the empty store, several young chaps were kicking around, bored, without a customer in sight – looking at the queue of money/commission going elsewhere – saying “Man, I don’t get it you know. Why don’t that Apple store put some stock to us man. We could take some of that pressure for them innit”.

KitGuru says: Seems clear that the PC World chap was 100% right, Apple could have chosen to reduce the queues everywhere by increasing stock to partners. It would have made customers happier, but would also have meant sharing – and that’s never really been the Steve Jobs way. Apple says “We are exclusive and you desire to own us – no matter how many people walk around with exactly the same device”. And, for that version of exclusivity, people will queue and queue and queue and…

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