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Lian Li PC-X2000FN Chassis Review (w/ dual Xeon)

The other side panel has a single thumbscrew holding it firmly in place. This side panel uses the same ‘locking pin’ style system, which requires a ‘tug’ on all corners to remove it. Theoretically this panel won’t be removed very often, so the adoption of an additional locking screw for additional security is a good idea.

Both lower and upper drive bays use molex connectors for power. There is actually no need to use SATA cables in this case, unless you connect your drives directly, rather than using the bays as shown. There is a PCB next to the upper most fan which can control the speed of a variety of fans. You can omit this completely if you want the motherboard to control the speeds.

The cable from the top panel run down this side of the case, out of sight from the system build on the other side of the case. There are plenty of routing holes, all of which are rubber mounted to improve appearance and to protect the cables against fraying. A huge section of the motherboard tray has been removed to accommodate the largest backplate heatsink coolers.

The front of the case has a removable, washable dust filter, which can be slid out from position easily. Each of the three 140mm fans at the front of the case can be removed without screws, lifted out of the sockets. Each of these fans has an removable molex connector, or they can be connected directly into suitable 3 pin fan headers on the motherboard.

One of the aspects of the X2000FN which I find so appealing is that you can remove almost all of the cages and partitions if you wish. I decided to build a high end server system into this case today so I adjusted the case to suit.

I absolutely love the expansion slot locking mechanism. Other companies have copied this in recent years, but they never make them as well. The X2000FN locking levers are made from metal and they feel incredibly strong. I have been building system into the X2000F now for 18 months and they still show no signs of weakening. This tool less method of locking heavy graphics cards is class leading. Lian Li have also incorporated a new graphics card holder mechanism into the new case, which you can see above.

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