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Lian Li PC-X2000FN Chassis Review (w/ dual Xeon)

A flagship Seasonic 1000W Platinum Power supply – installed easily within a matter of minutes. A power supply measuring up to 230mm in length can be installed, or larger if you remove the lower drive bay. You can read our full indepth analysis of this power supply over here. Thanks again to Seasonic for supplying another power supply just for this review.

It is important to note that the flip side of the case has enough space for routing, but you need to ensure that the cabling isn’t gathered in one place, or the side panel will not lock right. A little time is required to ensure that the cabling is spaced out enough.

We installed an ASUS Z9 PE-D8 WS for an upcoming review, with two Corsair H80 liquid coolers. This required a little planning for routing, especially as this motherboard takes two 8 pin CPU power connectors on either side of the board. We decided to run the cables along with the main motherboard cable. We used the top section of the X2000FN to install two Corsair 240GB Neutron Solid State drives. I don’t install optical drives anymore in my systems, opting for an external USB/Bluray drive.

The X2000FN can accept an EATX, ATX or MicroATX motherboard. CPU coolers up to 180mm tall and graphics cards up to 340mm in length can be installed.

The final system build. We removed the lower Lian Li fan from the front of the case, and installed the first Corsair H80 radiator in an intake position. We deliberately angled the radiator by around 15 degrees to force some cool air in from the front of the case over the components. The cable configuration could be cleaned up if we were keeping this as a final system build, but as we are ripping the system apart shortly for another review its irrelevant.

The other Corsair H80 radiator was installed with only a single fan in an exhaust position to allow easy access to the far memory slots. It is possible to install two fans on this rear mounted radiator, however we aren’t overclocking and I already know from previous experience that this case offers a high level of cooling.

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