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Lian Li PC-Z70 Diamond Series Case Review

Rating: 9.0.

Lian Li produce some of the most beautiful cases on the market. Today we are going to look at one of their newest designs – the PC-Z70. Designed for the serious enthusiast, this case features ventilated PCI expansion slots, support for graphics cards up to 390mm long, nine 3.5 inch SATA hot swappable HDD drives and six quality fans to ensure the highest levels of cooling.

Every couple of years, a company make a classic case design which stands the test of time. The Lian Li X2000F which we reviewed in March is one of the best cases I have ever used, and in my top three of all time. The only downside is the cost, but in my humble opinion it is worth every penny.

The PC-Z70 Diamond Series case is the latest design from Lian Li, which on paper delivers everything you could ever want. It is a traditional Lian Li design, meaning it combines a very sleek outward appearance with class leading internal engineering. There are two colours available – silver and black.

Lian Li sometimes get criticism for not producing more ‘radical’ designs. To me, that’s sacrilege … almost like asking Rolls Royce to ‘bling’ up their Phantom with glowing lights and futuristic, yet tacky panel work. When you buy a Lian Li product you know its going to last a very long time.


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  • Ned

    And they do it again. I think Zardon likes Lian Li 🙂

  • Iain

    Yeah thats quite stunning. I miss the black interior of the X2000F, but this one is almost affordable !

  • Vic

    Once I persuade the missus, im ditching my IN WIN bargain from last year 🙂

  • k0rn

    As much as the insides are great, they come at great cost. Silverstone can be expensive too. I tend to opt for Coolermaster as they look great and hover around the 100 mark.

  • Paul

    Coolermaster arent bad I agree. same with thermaltake, although coolermaster are better.

    I really do like some of the bitfenix design ideas, but their engineering quality is terrible. Im one of the 10 people who bought a collossus and the thing has fallen apart. check out my thread on the OCUK forums.

    its a false economy bying a budget case

  • Colm

    Thermaltake do nice Armor cases, they aren’t like this lian li, but they are like 1/5 the price and do ok for a build for home.

    For £260 I could get a new CPU and some momory. Lian Li are way ahead of Bitfenix, thermaltake or coolermaster for cases. I prefer Silverstone however.

  • 0ptix

    I dont know why silverstone get such a good name,. I saw the kitguru review of the Raven 03 and thought you guys oversold it. its ugly as sin. this is much nicer although the cost is higher.

    Bitfenix are exciting, but they have a lot of work ahead of them IMO. they are concentrating on the secondary aspects of a case, like glowing lights and colour changing, rather than working cooling, for example 🙂


    dear sir, i was highly impressed after viewing review, i would like your suggestion, iam having X8DTG-QF, MO BO dual processor from super micron its size is 13.2″x 15.2″ and says EATX, will this chassis support this board, iam already having with me 2nos, of xeon x5650 and 5000 quadro. but system chassis is very expensive, will i have to make any modifications in this or the mo bo will fit in strait in . please suggest a PSU up to 1000w to 1200w, as iam a freelance designer, please suggest . Awiting for your reply at the earliest
    thanking you
    Regards adi mehta.