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Silverstone Precision SST-PS05 Chassis Review

Rating: 8.5.

Silverstone have been designing some of the industries most appealing chassis for the last decade and at KitGuru we were always fans of the Fortress and Temjin series. The Raven 02 in particular has been a favourite in our offices for the last year as it combines subtle and attractive design with class leading ‘vertical’ airflow.

A large portion of our audience however want something more affordable and today our review product aims to fill this niche. The Precision SST-PS05 retails in the UK for around £40 including VAT and is sure to be of interest to the LAN gaming audience and people on a tighter budget.

The Precision chassis is a mid tower chassis and is designed to be high performing with support for up to five 120mm fans with an ‘almost all tool-less’ ethic for component installation. They aren’t skimping on the overall package however as it has an all black interior, cable tie down spots and vibration dampening hard drive mounts.

This is a case built to a very tight budget, but one which Silverstone hope will also appeal to a wide audience.

Model SST-PS05B
Material Plastic & mesh front panel and steel body
Motherboard ATX, Micro ATX
Drive Bay External 5.25″ x 4, 3.5″ x 2
Internal 3.5″ x 4
Cooling System Front 1x120mm fan slot
Rear 1x 120mm exhaust slot
Top 2 x 120mm fan slot
Bottom 1 x 120mm fan slot
Expansion slots 7
Front I/O Port USB 2.0 x 2

Audio x 1

MIC x 1

Power Supply 1 x Optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Expansion card 11 inch
Limitation of CPU Cooler 160mm
Limitation of Power Supply none
Weight 6.2kg
Dimensions 190mm (w) x 466mm (h) x 485 mm (d)

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  • Tech Head


    I am not easy surprised, but all those features are pretty spectacular for the low cost. I think I paid more for a third party cooler for my GTX 285 last year. Very nice indeed.

  • Eric K

    Christ, thats a bargain and a half ain’t it ?

  • Death Dealer

    It seems weird seeing Silverstone releasing budget chassis like this though, they always seemed such a high end maker to me. The plastic bits dont impress me, but the cooler performance seems quite good. Perhaps they should release a £50 version with more fans.

  • Tim

    I am afraid this isnt for me. its too cheap and it looks quite ugly. I appreciate the price tho, and like to see fan filters included. some more expensive cases dont offer those.

  • Derek

    That is a marvellous review KG – I love adding diodes to parts of the chassis and adding fans etc and posting diagrams of the locations. Never seen that done before. kudos.

  • Ray

    ingenious review for a brilliant product. I have just ordered one of these for my son’s new pc which I need to build soon.

  • Flo

    I won some money on the lottery last week (no not the jackpot but enough to cover this). just ordered it. Shall post about it on the forums when i arrives. Just before the england match too, nice timing !

  • Harry

    Loved the testing KitGuru, top marks !

  • Tri Color

    Hey, nice idea on the diodes and showing diagrams of measuresments, dead spots etc. Like the product too.

  • Tom

    amazes me how they still make money on this. its less than a night out on the piss.


    I would spend more on a case than this, but what a great deal for people who don’t have money to spare.

  • Dilbert

    THanks for the review just ordered one on Scan.

  • robert

    Shame they only include one fan which doesnt look too good. a few silverstone fans, and say £45 would have sweetened the deal more i think.

  • fluffychicken

    product looks ok, bit ugly in parts, but the internals are brilliant. stunning review Zardon, best ive seen for a chassis.

  • gareth cringle

    You keep knockin these out man, amazing work.

    Chassis looks wicked, shall pass it around to my mates.

  • sexy

    stunning price and stunning article. like the testing, really useful rather than some idiot reading out temps on everest for the northbridge like most reviews

  • Fraline

    Looks a bit nasty from the front, top is nice and the cooling seems good. Have they any versions of this with more fans as standard and maybe something more metal than plastic?

  • Bob

    Love it, ordered two online for some other builds I have planned.

  • Stefan

    mmmmm , not entirely sold. and no im not saying its great value, however Antec make a few just slightly more expensive but which look nicer IMO. personal taste maybe.

    Fan filters included for £40? cant really beat that. I have heard that fan btw in the Raven case, original not V2. its a good fan, worth a few quid.

  • Steven

    fuck me, £40 for a case with dust filters, a fan, nice black internal design and good cooling? How times have changed.

  • Brad

    Very good price, its hard to knock it, even though there are a few things i would like to fix.

  • Bret

    well tested. very good price,but I dont think I could live looking at the cheap plastic. great for budget minded audience.

  • Ben

    IT really does need at least one more fan. no intakes can work if the exhaust fans help to suck air in but its not ideal. that said, the price is as competitive as I have seen

  • Jeo

    Decided to pick one of these up for my mother to build her a new system on a tight budget. all she uses is word and email so will be more than enough.

  • Francois LeBon

    Good reading and thorough testing, found that interesting, the discussion on air flow etc. looks alright, but it performs well, and beggars cant be choosers!

  • Stefan

    I meant to say earlier I want to see KitGuru review the Raven 03. I read Zardons review of the Raven 02 last year and bought it based on that review. Am I glad I did? you betcha! Hope you get one to review.

  • Derek

    Yeah looking forward to seeing a review of the Raven 03 as well. Z is the man to review it to 🙂

  • Bob

    This is a very good product for the asking price, dont often see all those little touches on a low end chassis.

  • Fred

    Great testing ideas, took a lot of work. Thanks for the review

  • Trev Mang

    Ordered one for my girlfriend, looks brilliant !