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ThermalTake Armor A60 Case Review

The Thermaltake Armor A60 arrives in a colourful box with a futuristic soldier on the front. Their slogan is ‘Created For Combat’ which we would assume is to indicate that this case is designed for action oriented gamers. Yes, I wouldn’t try and make much sense out of it either.

The front of the case is rather plain with slightly beveled areas at the bottom. Everything is vented with black mesh and I quite like the look of it. Its not going to win any beauty awards, but I prefer this simplistic approach rather that multiple, gaudy lights adorning every surface. Along the top we have another area at the front which looks a bit like a block of body armor (the case does attract dust as you can see!).

The bottom has the famous Thermaltake logo stuck to the mesh design. There is a 120mm fan behind this area and it has a dust filter in front of it, which we like to see. The paint work is surprisingly good, especially considering the budget based limitations, it looks as good as cases I have seen at twice the price.

Again, there are bevelled areas on both sides of the case which give it some design distinction. The Power Supply is mounted at the bottom of the case.

There is also a window panel at the top left side to showcase your CPU cooler and a position below for a 120mm fan. If you want a fan here, you need to add it yourself.

A shot from above, showing the various curves and raises surfaces. I think its really quite effective looking.

The front of the panel is home to the SideClick EasySwap HDD docking system which gives the user access to the hot swap capable 3.5″ hard drive bay. We included a video on the first page showing exactly how this works.

The rear of the chassis. There is a 120mm Thermaltake fan included for exhausting heat from the CPU area. There is also a blue USB cable which runs inside the chassis for USB 3.0 support. There are holes in the chassis for external liquid cooling systems.

Optimized multimedia connectivity is provided for by one USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port in the front panel of the case. An additional eSATA connector on the top makes it most convenient to connect your mobile storage device, while the HD microphone and headset connectors in the front offer you quick access.

The top includes a large 20cm fan for exhausting heat directly out the top of the case. There is an additional space in front of this for another fan if you wish to improve the cooling further.

At the rear, both side panels are removable by thumb screws which is always something that earns bonus points at KitGuru.

The underside of the chassis – with our flash highlighting the front feet – this raises the chassis off the ground and helps with bottom based airflow. These areas are filtered but we will see this closer on the next page.

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