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Arctic’s theme continues with Freezer 33 PENTA tower cooler

Arctic has taken a shine to theming its tower coolers lately, last time giving its Freezer 33 a makeover with AMD’s signature black and red colour scheme. Continuing this trend, the company has revealed the Freezer 33 PENTA, boasting the German eSports team’s logo on top of an orange and black design.

The Freezer 33 PENTA showcases the team’s colours through a distinctly orange 120mm fan, with the renown logo and title stickered in the centre. The fan is mounted to a titanium black heat sink, further emphasising PENTA’s style.

The cooler itself features many of the same functions as its predecessors, with improved heat dispersion that arcs out of each side to improve airflow and enhanced bearings that use the company’s new alloy/lubricant combination for less noise and less retained heat. The cooler can make use of PWM signal, starting at 40% pulse width under load, which the company calls Passive Operation. This aims to save energy, noise and extend the coolers life under high performance gaming.

Where this differs to the Threadripper-specific Freezer 33 TR cooler is that it lacks Arctic’s 3-Phase-motor. It is, however, much less restricted with compatibility, working across many AMD and Intel platforms including the latest Ryzen and Kaby Lake sockets. This is due to the Threadripper’s larger surface area requiring a specifically larger cooler. The smaller size of the Freezer 33 PENTA also helps with compatibility, with Arctic reducing the space that the cooler takes up to avoid interfering with the RAM sockets. Depending on the size and socket placements of your motherboard, this should mean next to no issues with using this cooler alongside high-profile RAM.

The Arctic Freezer 33 PENTA is available for £41.99 /€45.99, directly from the company’s website or official third party retailers.

KitGuru Says: Themed coolers are great, especially for avid fans of each team. That being said, it does restrict the ability to match and colour scheme your build so if that is important to you, this might not be the cooler you’re looking for. What do you think of the Freezer 33 PENTA?

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