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Aerocool P7-L240 Liquid Cooler Review

The Aerocool P7-L240 ships in a dark, almost mysterious box. A photo of the liquid cooler itself is visible on the front, but its bottom half fades to black, giving it an air of intrigue.

Inside, the included manual is clear and concise, so no complaints there.

The necessary installation hardware comes in one big bag, but there are labelled bags inside it – making it easy to pick which bits you need.

The liquid cooler itself is relatively standard – it measures 280 x 120 x 53, though that thickness measurement does take the 25mm fans into account, so a 28mm depth is more accurate.

Speaking of those fans, the two 120mm spinners actually come pre-installed which is a lovely touch – typically I spend the bulk of a cooler installation screwing the fans on, so having that done for you just makes life a bit easier.

The pump/waterblock is quite a chunky unit, though that has been done deliberately to allow you to see the liquid moving, while the block also houses some RGB LEDs. Another reason for the block's thickness is that Aerocool has actually designed the cooler in a way which lets users top the liquid up as necessary.

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