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Intel set to put cooler makers out of business?

6he launch of Intel’s super-over-clocking 675 and 875 processors means increased performance. Super-charging your chips will mean you need one important thing, more juice. But that juice brings its own problems. Intel solution will send ripples through the cooler industry.

Everyone knows that the stock (standard) cooler that ships in each AMD and Intel box is largely chosen on price. Sure it has to stop the CPU from melting down, but not much more. With over 300 million systems being bought worldwide each year, these cheap coolers have helped to create a massive market for manufacturers with better solutions.

Now Intel itself is posing a threat to that market with the launch of its new Core i5 665 and Core i7 875 processors. As our exclusive pictures reveal, the new products are a massive step up from the existing stock coolers. Cooler Master, Arctic Cooling, Thermaltake and Akasa are being given a stark warning in the sub-£20 market, increase your brand awareness now or face a huge drop in sales.

KitGuru says: Great move by Intel to increase revenues in today’s market, but scary stuff for the big producers. Studying the design closely, it’s hard to work out the true manufacturer of this part, but we did notice a 3M sticker on the base. Care to guess in our forum?

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