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Cooler clear out available at Aria

Whenever there’s a new chip on the horizon, there’s always a mad scramble to launch a brand new set of associated products – even when the new product isn’t much more than a re-badge of the old one.
KitGuru sits, spider-like, in the web of online pricing and notices a load of cooler deals suddenly appearing. Pre-Haswell clear out, we wonders?

If we had to guess, then (apart from a significant improvement for integrated graphics performance), we would expect Haswell to deliver a 5-15% performance improvement while, at the same time, reducing its need for juice in your system.

If that’s the case, then there will be a strong argument among enthusiasts to get a ‘K’ chip today and clock the nuts off it with a top end cooler instead. It could work out faster and cheaper, you never know.

But that will depend, largely, on the price of the cooler.

To make the choice harder/easier, Aria has slashed prices on a range of top coolers – including the following gems:-

For a full listing, which could well include the one you’ve been after, check this link.


KitGuru says: Getting the right cooler with the right thermalpaste – correctly installed – will make your overclocks higher and long CPU life a much more realistic prospect. If you can do that for less cash, then it’s all jam.

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