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Airen RedWings and Aimaxx eNVicooler Fan Roundup

Rating: 8.0.

A couple of weeks ago a company that we hadn’t heard much about before asked if we would like to look at some of their fans.  So imagine our surprise when a huge box, about the size you would expect for a PC case, arrived from said company.

We opened it up to see one of the largest collection of case fans and fan accessories we’ve ever seen inside.

Today we are going to look at a variety of fans and fan accessories from Airen and Aimaxx and evaluate which are best suited to different purposes. They have sent us everything from temperature controlled fans to PWM controllers which can be used with standard fans.

It is clear from the extremely similar packaging that the Airen and Aimaxx brands are products of the same company despite their vastly differing colour schemes.  They have used a red, white and black colour scheme for the Airen fans and a green and black colour scheme for the Aimaxx fans which should both stand out very well on the shelves.

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