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nVidia execs uncertain GTX560 can command $299

Getting the right price for a product is crucial. Too low and you miss out on profits. Too high and the product can fail to sell at all. So what price does the GTX560 need to be in order to succeed. This is a question that has preoccupied nVidia’s execs for a while now. KitGuru looks at the nature of their uncertainty.

KitGuru analysed the likely 3DMark Vantage performance profile for the GTX 560 – based on our knowledge of the mechanics of the new card.

We concluded that it was unlikely to take the Radeon HD 6950.

Also, until the option is plugged by AMD, the 6950 can be flashed into a 6970 [Make sure you tell them that they are into warranty-losing territory here – Ed].

GTX560 performance predicted by KitGuru

Armed with this knowledge, nVidia will have considered all of the options carefully. Then they will try to decide (using methods scientific and otherwise) what they can get away with. To try and answer the question, “What is the balance point between cheap and expensive?

nVidia head honcho, Jen Hsun Huang, is unlikely to choose the price of the GTX560 using playing cards. But with this Hardware Canucks pic we couldn't resist.

KitGuru had long, hot bath tonight. Plenty of time was spent with our heads under the water – helping to clear enough cerumen that when we put out ears to the ground tomorrow, we will be able to hear the true path of the GTX560 pricing.

KitGuru says: The original price tag of $299 is too high. We reckon lower. We’ll check and report back !

Comments below, what price really is fair?

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