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Be Quiet Shadow Rock 2 CPU Cooler Review


The Shadow Rock 2 utilises a traditional cooler design and features a single tower of fins, arranged across a series of four U-shaped copper heatpipes. The tower itself is pretty large in size, providing a generous surface area for heat transfer.


Be Quiet! only supplies a single Shadow Wings fan with the cooler which fits on one side of the heatsink.  There are brackets supplied for mounting an additional fan on the other side of the cooler so that you can use a push-pull configuration if desired.


The heatpipes themselves are 8mm thick and, due to their U-shaped design, each pass through the heatsink stack twice.  The CPU block is nickel plated and has a smooth mirror-like finish.  This is similar to what we’ve seen on Be Quiet! coolers in the past.


On the top of the cooler there is a substantial brushed aluminium plate which gives the cooler an attractive visage.  This is fairly similar to those found on the old Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro cooler.

IMG_2460 IMG_2461

The included fan is a 120mm Be Quiet! Shadow Wings model which is PWM controlled and spins at a maximum of 1600 RPM.  The claimed TDP of this particular model is 180W.

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