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Cooler Master Seidon 240M Liquid CPU Cooler Review

The included installation guide isn’t the best we’ve seen but the process is fairly simple so this isn’t a massive issue.  We will be documenting the installation procedure on a Socket 2011 motherboard.

Firstly, we are required to screw four stand-offs into the socket which we will later secure the CPU block down to.  When installing the cooler onto a Socket 1155 motherboard, the backplate needs to be attached at this point.

Next, we have to attach the retention brackets to the CPU block.  There are different brackets supplied for AMD and Intel sockets which need to be inserted into the grooves on the side of the block and then screwed into place.

Then, the thermal paste must be applied before screwing the block down into place on the motherboard.

Finally, the fans can be attached to the radiator and the cooler can be screwed into your case.

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