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Cooler Master Seidon 240M Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Overall we are impressed with what the Cooler Master Seidon 240M has to offer.  It’s clear that Cooler Master mean business in the all-in-one liquid cooling market as they have invested time and money into their own models to compete with the established brands in the market.

The Seidon 240M is their first attempt at a 240 mm liquid CPU cooler and it really is a very capable product.  It scored very close to the Corsair H100i in our performance tests, which is very impressive indeed.  The Corsair H100i does have a number of other features, though, such as the Corsair Link software configuration utility that vastly enhances the coolers different functions and performance.

Cooler Master’s mounting mechanism isn’t the best we’ve experienced as it can be quite tricky to secure the retention brackets onto the CPU block. It isn’t a huge issue, as we have used some air coolers with more complex mounting systems.

At a price of around £90 from Overclockers UK we feel that the Seidon 240M is a little expensive considering the better featured H100i can be had for only £10 more. We imagine it will come down in price a little over time as it’s only just been released, at which point it will make a much better buy.  If it hit the £80 mark we would say it’s a must have.


  • Competitive performance.
  • Generous bundle.
  • Reasonable value.


  • H100i is only £10 more
  • Mounting mechanism could be better.

Kitguru says: An excellent cooler by Cooler Master, but the price means it is facing very stiff competition from Corsair.

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Rating: 8.5.

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