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Corsair Hydro H55 CPU Cooler Review

The basic design of the H55 is quite similar to the H60 which we looked at recently.  It comprises of a 120 mm radiator and a CPU block with a pump integrated into it.  These two sections are connected together via flexible rubber tubes.

Like the H60, the H55 features a 27mm thick radiator.  This thickness increases to 52mm when the fans are installed.  This part of the unit is designed to be installed in the case exhaust vent so there shouldn’t be many compatibility issues.

The H55 features a completely different CPU block design to the H60, H80i and H100i.  The block itself is round and very low profile indeed.

The mounting mechanism is also totally different, using a similar system to the previous generation H70 cooler. Turning the block over reveals a round copper contact plate with thermal paste pre-applied.  There are a series of screws encircling the contact plate which hold all the components in the block together.

The pump is supplied power via  a 3-pin fan header which must be connected to the motherboard, or directly to the power supply.

Corsair supply a 120 mm PWM controlled fan with the cooler which spins up to a maximum of 1,700 RPM.  At this speed, Corsair claim that it can shift 57 CFM of air while generating a static pressure of 1.9 mm/H20.  The claimed maximum noise level is 30.32 dBA.

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