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Corsair Hydro H55 CPU Cooler Review

Rating: 8.5.

Today we are going to look at one of Corsair’s latest liquid CPU coolers, the H55.  This is an improved version of the existing H50 cooler which is popular with those looking for a high performance cooler at a very reasonable price point.  We look forward to seeing how it fares in our tests.

We have recently looked at a number of coolers from Corsair’s Hydro series and have been very impressed with what they have to offer.  The H55, is based on an Asetek design which is shared by the Antec Kuhler models. The H60, H80i and H100i all share a different basic design as they are made by CoolIT Systems.


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  • Jorge

    Why would anyone buy a closed loop cooler be is Corsair or any other brand when they are inferior to a quality heatsink/fan combo in thermally efficiency, cost and noise? In addition closed loop as well as open loop liquid coolers do and have leaked causing expensive PC damage.

    When you can buy a quality heatsink and fan for less and it performs better without any risk of water damage, it would be foolish to buy a closed loop cooler.