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Fractal Design Adjust 108 Fan Controller Review

Rating: 9.0.

Today we are going to take a look at the Fractal Adjust 108 Fan controller which can manage up to six different fans simultaneously.  It is designed to comply with the sleek aesthetics of Fractal Design’s cases, featuring a brushed aluminium front bezel.

Fractal Design have been around for a few years now and have made a name for themselves in the PC chassis market.  They have a reputation for producing high-quality steel cases which feature extensive sound-proofing material.

They have expanded their range over the last few years, though, to include cooling products, power supplies and more mainstream case models.


  • A stylish and minimalistic aluminum front covers the fan controller
  • The Adjust 108 is equipped with six (6) fan channels
  • One bi-color LED per channel, where white describes a low RPM and blue a high RPM
  • Intensity jumper for the LEDs, with options of 100% and 50% intensity and an OFF feature
  • Uses only one 5.25″ bay
  • Technical specifications


  • 6 channels
  • One LED per channel
  • Uses only one 5.25″ bay
  • Intensity jumper for the LEDs
  • Vertical sliders
  • 36W per channel
  • Shifting LEDs
  • SATA power connector

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