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Spire TherMax Eclipse II Cooler Review

Undoubtedly the Spire TherMax Eclipse II is a very well engineered, reliable and high quality product. The manufacturing quality and the attention to detail is very good, if not among the best we have ever seen. We examined the cooler thoroughly and we could not find any manufacturing imperfections, except perhaps from the relatively sharp aluminium fins, which was natural.

The cooler also offers exceptional thermal performance considering that its price tag is notably lower than most related products even though it includes two high quality fans. The cooler is not yet available for sale in the UK but the retail prices throughout Europe currently average around £27 without VAT.

High thermal performance, excellent quality and low price all do sound great, yet the TherMax Eclipse II is not without flaws. Without any form of integrated or even external fan speed control and two high speed 120mm fans, this cooler is practically unusable by anyone who cares even the slightest bit about the noise the computer generates unless the motherboard has fan speed control options.

It is a great cooler for hardcore overclockers but everyone else will have to buy or utilize some form of fan speed control even if using only one of the two fans. This is a huge oversight and we hope a new revision of the cooler rectifies this situation.

KitGuru says: A fan controller would be needed to get the most from this product as it can get very loud indeed. We look forward to testing a new revision in the future.

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Rating: 7.0.

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