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EK Water Blocks introduce the EK-Loop Connect hub

EK Water blocks has announced a new addition to its water-cooling products line up with the introduction of a control hub capable of providing the user information from all relevant parameters of a liquid-cooled system. The EK-Loop Connect can control RGB lighting effects, fan RPM and pump speed all in one compact unit.

With the EK-Loop Connect, custom water cooling enthusiasts can keep a keen eye on all aspects of the cooling system via a single module. The control hub allows for customisation of RGB lighting effects, as well as complete control over PWM fan/pump speeds and noise levels, with a total power output of 170W able to deliver 20W per 4-pin fan header and industry-standard addressable D-RGB headers receiving 8W of power each.

The EK-Loop Connect is equipped with six 4-pin PWM fan headers meaning that users can connect PWM fan splitter cables to allow for dozens of fans to be connected. The same can be applied to the D-RGB headers since there is a total of 50W available for RGB, which is enough power for up to 20 EK-Quantum Vector D-RGB water blocks.

EK-Loop Connect technical specifications:

  • Dimensions (L x H x W): 126 x 18 x 70mm
  • Power Output for Fans: 20W per header
  • Power Output for LEDs: 8W per header
  • Mounting Holes: 2.5″ drive mounting holes


  • 1x (PWR) 4-Pin Female Molex (2x Female SATA to 1x Male Molex Adapter Included)
  • 6x (F1-F6) Standard 4-pin PWM Fan Header
  • 6x (L1-L6) D-RGB Header 3-Pin 5V Digital LED Header (Pinout: +5V, D, Blocked, Ground)
  • 3x (T1-T3) Temperature Probe Headers
  • 1x (FLO) Flow Meter Connection (upcoming product)
  • 1x (LVL) Coolant Level Indicator (upcoming product)
  • 1x USB 2.0 Data Header
  • 1x (EXT) Data Header for Daisy Chain (upcoming product)

EK-Loop Connect Software features:

  • Fan Speed PWM Curve Control
  • PUMP Speed PWM Curve Control
  • Addressable D-RGB Lighting Control
  • Physical Thermal-Probe Readouts
  • Hardware Temperature Readouts
  • Manual Air Bleeding Activation
  • Safety Coolant-Level Sensor (upcoming feature)
  • Coolant Flow Readout (upcoming feature)
  • Coolant Replacement Reminder (upcoming feature)

In case of the unlikely event of connecting too many components, EKWB has included an overpower protection system to make sure you will not damage the controller or your RGB components. If the system is overloaded, all LEDs will be set to a static red colour as a visual warning and also because static red will only use 1/3 of the power, which will avoid damaging the controller. The EK-Loop Connect is powered by a single Molex connection and is hooked up to the motherboard via a USB 2.0 header cable.

EK-Loop Connect is available to purchase via the EK webstore and from official EK Water Blocks retailers now, priced at €55.36.

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KitGuru says: The new EK-Loop Connect controller looks like a handy bit of kit for easily controlling all the parts of a water-cooling setup via a single unit. What do you guys think of this new control hub from EK Water Blocks?

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