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Deepcool launch the Matrexx 30 SI Micro-ATX case

Deepcool has rolled out a new Micro-ATX desktop PC case this week, designed for users that don’t need to show off the internal components of their pc and prefer the more understated appearance of a small form factor system.

The Deepcool Matrexx 30 SI is a reworked version of the cost-effective Matrexx 30, with the only real noticeable visual change in the Matrexx 30 SI being the black steel side panels that replace the tempered glass side panels in the Matrexx 30. The SI features the same front panel combination of a machined line effect with mesh ventilation for optimal airflow.

Inside the Matrexx 30 SI has a spacious feel to it with an open style layout, an ODD bay is present but only makes a minimal intrusion into the top of the case. There are no luxuries like a power supply shroud so the majority of cable management will need to take place behind the motherboard tray, however, Deepcool has designed the steel side panels to allow for extra cable management space.

In terms of hardware support, the Matrexx 30 SI has space for the installation of either Mini-ITX or M-ATX form factor motherboards. Graphics cards up to 250mm long fit inside the case and CPU coolers up to 151mm tall can also be installed. Space for storage devices includes a 3.5-inch drive cage that can house up to three 3.5-inch HDDs with two mounting locations for 2.5-inch drives available, along with the 5.25-inch ODD bay.

To keep system temperature under control, Deepcool has pre-installed a 120mm rear exhaust fan with space available at the front of the case to install a second 120mm fan, 120mm radiator or all-in-one CPU cooler behind the honeycomb style mesh vent. The top of the case doesn’t include any ventilation, so all warm air is exhausted from the rear.

Currently, the Deepcool Matrexx 30 with a tempered glass side panel is available on Amazon UK for under £30, so we expect the SI version to be very similarly priced, maybe even a little cheaper.

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KitGuru says: production of new Micro-ATX cases has become pretty scarce in recent years, so its good to see a manufacturer making new options available. What do you guys think of this new, understated Micro-ATX case from Deepcool?

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