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Intel Comet Lake-S 10th Gen F-series processor specs revealed

Even though there has still been no official word from Intel regarding a firm date for when its 10th generation Comet Lake-S series desktop processors will finally launch, it feels as though it is getting ever closer as each day passes, more specifications and sightings of the CPUs leak out in the media.

One of the latest 10th gen Intel desktop processors leaks to surface this week was the news of the return to F series SKUs. Intel used the F marque on its previous generation of desktop CPUs to describe a processor that has its iGPU chopped off, with processors such as the Coffee Lake Core i3-8100KF, i7-9700KF, i9-9900KF and so on. It looks as though Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake-S F-series will include the 65W Core i5-10400F, i7-10700F, i9-10900F and 125W Core i5-10600KF, i7-10700KF and i9-10900KF SKUs.

This was first picked up on by Informatica Cero who published an image of an Intel 10th Gen Core presentation slide which was actually part of a presentation in December 2019, however, this slide has only just surfaced online this week. Usually, these F series processors would be gobbled up by gamers and enthusiasts who use a discreet graphics card in their systems and therefore wouldn’t necessarily need a CPU with a built-in iGPU, saving a little on the cost of the processor.

Image credit: Informatica Cero

According to Intel, the F-series processors use exactly the same quality silicon to the non-F processors, the iGPU has been chopped off simply because there would have been some kind of fault in the iGPU during manufacture that rendered it useless. Rather than just throwing the processors with a faulty iGPU in the bin, Intel sells them at a slightly reduced price. According to an Overclock3D report, 9th generation F series processors sold for $25 less on average compared to non-F variants.

According to the recently leaked presentation slide, it seems as though this strategy will be implemented again by Intel since the F series processors are listed as having the same core frequencies and core/thread counts as non-F models. However, Intel has still not yet released official price information, so for now, we are not sure how much will be saved by purchasing a 10th generation F series processor.

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KitGuru says: Intel is expected to release 10th generation Comet Lake-S processors along with the new 400 series socket LGA 1200 platform next month. Are you guys looking forward to getting the chance to see what kind of performance improvements they will bring over the previous generation?

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