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EK Water Blocks unveil the LIAN LI O11D distro plate

EK Water Blocks has announced the long-awaited launch of a new coolant distribution plate for the iconic LIAN LI O11D. The O11D is regarded as one of the best cases for custom water cooling and now enthusiasts have a distribution plate solution that will seamlessly fit into the front of the case.

The new EK-Quantum Reflection PC-O11D D5 PWM D-RGB distro plate is equipped with an enthusiast favourite D5 pump and features an integrated coolant flow indicator to provide users with a visual indication of the pump speed. The all-in-one solution includes a pump, reservoir and multiple G1/4” inlets/outlets for easy tube routing with placement aligned to other EK products to reduce tubing bends.

Engineered to support a maximum of five components including the CPU block, two GPU blocks and two radiators means the distro plate requires less tubing bends. With the plate fitted to the front of the chassis, up to 360mm radiators can be installed in the top and there is space for up to a 240mm radiator to be fitted to the floor of the case.

Since the EK-Quantum Reflection PC-O11D D5 PWM D-RGB is designed to be installed at the front of the case, it has been outfitted with the flow indicator as well as an addressable D-RGB lighting strip that runs down the entire length of the distro plate, with an anodised aluminium cover hiding away unsightly light bleed from the individual LEDs. There is a total of 23 addressable RGB LEDs built into the plate that can be configured and synchronised via the motherboard 5V 3-pin header.

The EK-Quantum Reflection PC-O11D D5 PWM D-RGB distribution plate is available for pre-order via the EK Webshop priced at €321.68 and is estimated to begin shipping from 22nd May 2020.

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KitGuru says: I'm still waiting to build my next system and try out one of these distro plates, they look like a great idea that simplifies the hard tube loop building process. What do you guys think to these new distro plates from EK?

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